Male F4 Bengal Cat

F4 Male Bengal Cat

Two pictures of a male, fourth generation (F4) Bengal cat, also known as an SBT (Stud Book Tradition). SBT Bengals are considered to be fully domesticated cats. He is four generations away from the Asian Leopard Cat (ALC). His mother was an F3 (Tigris Mariah Kendi of Banyantree) and his father was a domestic Bengal (Azana KoolKudo of Banyantree). His great-great-grandfather was and Asian Leopard Cat (Taro of Bundas). … [Read more...]

My Bengal Cat Jumping Around

Bengal Cat Jumping Around

My F4 bengal cat jumping around and trying to catch the flying "Da Bird" cat toy. … [Read more...]

Funny Bengal Cat Pictures: Burma Yawning

Funny Face of Bengal Cat

Funny pictures of my bengal cat yawning. I always enjoy watching my Bengal cat making funny faces with his mouth wide open and crazy eyes. It looks like his eyes are going to pop out of their sockets. … [Read more...]

Food Please


My Bengal Cat knows exactly how to look cute when he wants his wet canned food. It's unusual because most of the time he is harassing me for food to the point of being extremely annoying (meowing loudly, breaking things around the house, etc...). He should have learned by now, after 4 years, that the cat's cute face tactic works much better on me than destroying everything and being a jerk. … [Read more...]