20 Bengal Cat Games To Keep Their Lives Enriched

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 This is probably one of the best videos I’ve seen on Bengal cats lately and it shows all the neat things you can do with your kitties when you create a house full of fun. Kami White definitely transformed his house into a huge cat playground with shelves, sisal poles, perches and beams to let the cats play and climb everywhere. This house is the perfect set up for two energetic Bengals. This kitty dream house is a real cat paradise!

These cats are both tri-color marble Bengals. When this video was filmed 7 years ago, Ukee was 6 and he got her at Aspengold Bengals near Denver for his 40th birthday. The other female is named Koru and she is 2 years younger. Kami called Koru the “brunette” because she is very dark with a very rare glitter. Ukee is the “blonde” because she is lighter, but she also has a bright white tummy and nice green eyes.

Every Bengal cat owner knows they need constant activity and Kami is also really creative in entertaining them. He plays with them every morning and also spent a few hours every week training them. It seems to work perfectly because they both look like the happiest Bengals I’ve seen and they are having loads of fun. There are scratching posts in most rooms, climbing structures to burn off energy and high perches because cats love retreating to high ground for a nap. Check out this video called “20 Bengal Cat Games” to see a few of the things he came up with.

Kami White could very well be one of the best Bengal cat owners in the world. Congrats!


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About Laurent Jaccard

Laurent Jaccard
As a Bengal Cat owner of ten years, Laurent writes about his favorite cat breed to share his passion with other owners and enthusiasts. Laurent is a Webmaster and Designer by profession, photographer and animal lover by heart.

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Olga Shatokhina

At home they enjoy the most favourable environment to develop properly, including scratching posts, toys and houses. Whether sluggish or tireless, our little hellions will find their needs met and will be able to express their own character.


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