Anthony Hutcherson

Anthony Hutcherson
For more than 25 years Bengal Cats have played a central role in Anthony Hutcherson's life. A passion for the Bengal Cats, the wild felines that inspired the breed as well as all cats continue to motivate his hobby. As Jungletrax Bengals, he bred and owns the highest scoring and most winning Bengal Cat ever. Anthony has been President of The International Bengal Cat Society is currently Chairperson of TICA's Bengal Cat Breed Committee and a Director on the Boards of TICA and WINN Feline Foundation.
Bengal Cat Generations Explained

From F to G for Better Understanding

Naming Foundation & Filial Cats Affect Understanding of Our Breed A new generation of cat lovers are discovering the wonder of Bengal Cats and other breeds developed through purposeful breeding programs of domestic cats. The Bengal Cat’s history is distinctive among the most popular breeds developed in the last decades of the 20th century like the Ragdoll, Ocicat, Toyger and Pixie-Bob because of the use of hybrids between non-domestic species and domestic cats in the …

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Willard Centerwall legacy bengal cat origins

The Origins of Bengal Cats and the Legacy of Willard R. Centerwall, MD

Willard R. Centerwall, MD – The Source of Bengal Cats & so many other good things for humanity. Millwood Praline, Millwood Pennybank and Millwood Rorshack are the 3 first generation hybrid females that nearly all 250,000 registered Bengal Cats on the planet descend and they were all bred by Willard Centerwall, MD at his Loma Linda University Lab. Millwood Pennybank, Millwood Praline and Millwood Rorshack with Millwood Tory of Delhi at Millwood in 1983 – …

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Bengal Cat Rosettes History

When Rosettes Bloomed

The beginnings of rosetted markings in the Bengal Cat In the late summer of 1993 a large group of Bengal kittens awaited judging in King of Prussia Pennsylvania at the largest TICA (The International Cat Association) of the year. Among the Bengal kittens an array of the breed’s unique qualities were visible to those who saw them. There was a kitten with an exceptionally sparkling coat, laden with glitter while another kitten’s coat was rich …

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