Meghan Waals

Meghan Waals
I am OWNED by the cats of Elysian Bengals. We specialize in Silver Bengals and their variants (Silver Charcoal, Silver Seal Lynx Point and Silver Charcoal Seal Lynx Points) I also am the owner of The Nutrition Code a resource based site that educates other animal lovers about a species appropriate raw diet.
Raw food diet benefits for cats

How a Raw Food Diet Can Benefit Your Cat’s Life

Did you know that your beautiful Bengals are obligate carnivores?! What is an obligate carnivore? It’s an animal that is designed anatomically and physiologically to consume meat, organs and bone exclusively. Do Bengal Cats Eat Raw Meat? With Bengals being carnivores they have a much different anatomical lay out than herbivores. Orally cats have lots of teeth which are pointy and serrated, designed specifically for holding on to and ripping flesh and meat from bones. …

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