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Emily has been penning the adventures of her imagination since she was old enough to hold a pencil. Working at animal shelters for the last five years she learned an incredible amount about animal care and behavior. She is currently employed at a vet clinic where she continues her animal education. Emily’s love of animals is evident when you step into her home, which she shares with six dogs and six cats, all of whom were rescues.
Robert Dollwet On Training A Bengal Cat

Robert Dollwet On Training A Bengal Cat

Bengal cats are energetic, intelligent, beautiful hybrid cats. The breed was created by crossing domestic cats with Asian Leopard cats. While the resulting babies are stunning they aren’t the ideal pet for someone looking for a lazy house cat. A Bengal that doesn’t receive proper mental stimulation and exercise can become destructive and even aggressive. Anyone considering bringing home a Bengal should be sure they are ready for the time commitment necessary to keep them …

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How to trim cat's nails

How To Trim Cat’s Nails

 Linus demonstrates how to trim cat’s nails, on the ever so patient Rumble. Linus is able to easily place Rumble on his back to cut her nails. By exposing Rumble’s claws you are able to see they are quite sharp and need a trim. Trimming a cat’s nails can either be a breeze or a nightmare. To make your cat’s experience a pleasant one be sure to have everything you will need ahead of time. …

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Bengal Cats Live in Montreal's Hair Salon and Charm Passers-by

Bengal Cats Live in Montreal’s Hair Salon and Charm Passers-by

Are you a lover of all things cat? Does the idea of a business whose focal point is feline make you all warm and fuzzy inside? If yes, it may be time for you to check out Salon MOOV in Montreal, Quebec. In the beginning Salon MOOV was just your ordinary, everyday hair salon and owner’s Jean-Marc Richer and Yves Pednault were worried they might not be able to keep their doors open. Competition for …

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