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Welcome to Hot Rocket Bengal Cats - nominated by Feedspot as one of the Top 50 cat YouTube channels! We are dedicated to the antics & mischief of our three Bengal cats Rocket, Pixel & Sushi. Bengal cats are known for their friendly and playful nature and our videos and photos show the mischief and fun that our cats get up to.
Bengal Troublemakers – Naughty & Nice

Bengal Troublemakers – Naughty & Nice

Bengal cats have been popular for several years now but like many other breeds there are trials & tribulations. We’ll take a look at some of those concerns and provide some helpful advice. Where has all the time gone? Eight years of owning Bengals. Eight years and millions of meows, hundreds of hours of video footage, various broken house lamps, litter trays, shelves… plants constantly eaten or knocked over, torn speakers and carpets that will …

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