Laurent Jaccard

Laurent Jaccard
As a Bengal Cat owner of ten years, Laurent writes about his favorite cat breed to share his passion with other owners and enthusiasts. Laurent is a Webmaster and Designer by profession, photographer and animal lover by heart.
Herbee the hedgehog and Audree the Bengal cat

This Hedgehog And His Bengal Cat Friend Are Warming People’s Hearts

Bengal Audree and Herbee the hedgehog, guided by their owner, Talitha, are taking the internet by storm with their adventures and overload of cuteness.  I took some time to ask Talitha some questions about how she got started with this adorable pair, what it’s like to go on adventures with them, and what are their plans for the future. More info: Can you introduce yourself and your pets? How did you end up with …

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Bengal cat walking harness and leash

The Best Cat Harness and Leash in 2020

Your Comprehensive Guide to the Best Cat Harness and Leash in 2020 Have you taken your cat for a walk lately? Yes, it’s a thing! If you have an indoor cat and want them to experience the joys of the outdoors without subjecting them to injury and weather extremes, investing in a harness for walks is a good idea. For us dedicated cat lovers out there, we want the best for our furry friends. Recent …

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Bengal cat size, weight and comparison chart

How Big Will a Full Grown Bengal Cat Be?

Ultimately, nutrition plays a large part in your feline friend’s size and growth rate. But we’ll explain what to expect from the average full grown Bengal cat. So, you are the proud new owner of a Bengal kitten! Chances are you probably have a lot of questions. When will they become an adult? What is an ideal weight? What do full grown Bengal cats look like and act like? If you have a kitten, you …

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Best Flea Treatment For Cats

Best Flea Treatment For Cats

Do you suspect your cat has fleas? Or, do you simply want to ensure your cat doesn’t get fleas to start with? Either way, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to go through everything you need to know to keep your cat happy and healthy and free from fleas and ticks. Fleas on your cat are much more dangerous than many people think and can cause serious health problems for both you and …

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Mousr, intelligent robotic cat toy with a Bengal cat

Mousr Review: The First Intelligent Robotic Cat Toy that Moves Like a Real Prey

Mousr is the most engaging interactive toy to challenge your cat like a real prey does! We as cat owners have a tendency to forget that our furry companions have needs that are not being met on a day to day basis. Cats are born with a high prey drive and they are biologically programmed to stalk, hunt, pounce, chase and catch everything that’s moving. In our homes, we don’t give them the opportunity to …

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The 16 Best Interactive Cat Toys in 2020

We all know that cats are renowned as smart and curious creatures, but Bengals are a whole nother story. These spotted felines, apart from being one of the smartest cat breeds, are incredibly playful and have high levels of energy they need to spend productively. All Bengal cat owners know it is essential to keep them entertained, and what better way to do that than with interactive cat toys? Thankfully, today’s market offers a range …

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Bengal cat flower color wheel

Bengal Cat Coat: Colors and Patterns

Bengal cats are a dream come true. Not only are they beautiful, they are a domestic cat with a look that imitates the big cats found in the wild. All domestic cats, pedigreed or not, come in a variety of colors and patterns. The popular spotted and golden leopard coats are not the only accepted color and pattern for Bengals. Bengal cats are more than small, domestic versions of their larger cousins from the jungle. There is a …

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Snow Bengal Cat cover photo

The Snow Bengal Cat

Cats are amazing animals. However, it would be selling them short to group them all into one huge category. Have you ever heard of the Snow Bengal cat? Bengal cats are an amazing breed of felines and are absolutely breathtaking. They are well-known to be athletic, beautiful cats. The unique genetic makeup of the Bengal cat dates back to the 1970s and results in fantastic variations of colors and patterns. Among the different colors within …

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