Liz Bales

Dr. Liz Bales is a veterinarian with a special interest in the unique behavioral and wellness needs of cats. Dr Bales is a writer, speaker and featured expert in all things cat around the globe. She is the founder of Doc and Phoebe’s Cat Company, and the inventor of The Indoor Hunting Feeder for cats.
Feline Environmental Enrichment for Indoor Cats

Feline Environmental Enrichment – The Basics

Pay attention, Bengal lovers.  This is the important stuff. When we bring these exquisite predators indoors, we are protecting them. But, we are also depriving them of their natural habitat. A human home is made just right for humans, but it lacks some things that are essential to the health and happiness of a cat. Veterinarians (like me!) and behaviorists have devoted entire careers to figuring out exactly what these essential things are and how …

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