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Smartest Cat Breeds

These are the World’s Smartest Cat Breeds

 Cats can be cuddly, ferocious, sneaky, and fun. But did you know certain breeds can be exceptionally intelligent as well? Check out our list of the world’s ten smartest cat breeds! The World’s Ten Smartest Cat Breeds Some breeds on this list of the smartest cat breeds may surprise you. They’re borderline geniuses! Don’t worry if your favorite breed is low on the list– this list is not in ranking order. We just couldn’t choose …

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Cat Kneading

Why Do Cats Knead And What Does It Mean?

Cats are perplexing creatures, and, as such, they do many things we don’t always understand. If you have a feline in your life, you’ve probably noticed that, from time to time, your cat kneads their favorite blanket, sleeping pillow, or even your lap. This rhythmical movement of the paws got its name for its uncanny resemblance to dough kneading techniques, which is why it’s often called “making biscuits”. Even though this behavior is much more …

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Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

Hypoallergenic Cats | Best Cats & Tips For Allergy Sufferers

 For people who love cats, but find themselves having an asthma attack or itchy eyes each time they’re around their feline friend, an allergy-free cat would be a dream come true. However, although there are some cat breeds that don’t cause hypersensitivity with allergy sufferers, there is no such thing as 100% allergy-free cats.  Hypoallergenic means “below normal” or “slightly” allergenic. All felines produce a specific protein in their sebaceous glands, so the possibility of …

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Leopard Print Cat Products

12 Purrfect Leopard Print Products For Your Cat

We all love pampering our furry friends with cute accessories and tasty treats, but it’s not always easy finding the perfect gift for the felines in our life. Sometimes having too much choices becomes overwhelming and the search goes from fun to frustrating in an instant. Thankfully, I’ve got you covered with these Leopard print products for your cat. If you’re looking for Bengal-inspired feline goodies or leopard print cat products to emphasize your kitty’s …

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Roxy the Bengal cat

Story About a Beautiful Bond: Meet Roxy And Robert

Do you remember the first time you’ve met your furry baby? The memory of those precious first moments with each of my pets, and the joy I felt when I realized I’m gaining a new family member is something that will always stay with me. It’s one of the most amazing experiences in the world, and Robert, a proud dad to a Bengal cat named Roxy, won’t forget it anytime soon. After he moved away …

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Dolce & Gabbana Fall-Winter 2017/18 Men

Bengal Cats Spotted on the Catwalk at D&G Men’s Show

If you’re looking for a way to express your adoration of Bengal cats through your style and still be able to follow the latest trends, you’re in luck! You can boast your love for this extraordinary breed and show off your impeccable fashion sense, too. In case you don’t believe me, just ask the kings of the haute couture, Dolce & Gabbana. On January the 14th, Dolce & Gabbana premiered their 2017-18 Fall-Winter collection for …

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USFW: Recognize The Bengal Breed As Domestic Cats!

USFW: Recognize The Bengal Breed As Domestic Cats!

On October 28, 2016, the US Fish & Wildlife seized 3 domestic F5+ Bengal cats during importation into the US by an active duty Army EOD family at the Boston MA, Airport. As of December 20, 2016, they are still being held in an undisclosed location from their owners by USFW. Bengal Cats are domestic cats, science, all cat associations, veterinary medicine, popular culture and media recognize Bengal Cats as domestic animals with the acknowledged non-domestic ancestor of the Asian Leopard Cat, …

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Bengal Brew Cat Cafe

Bengal Brew, Cat Cafe For Cuddling Bengal Cats

The newest craze sweeping the world is cat cafes, and Cubao City in the Philippines is no exception! This town has six cat cafes so far and more are sure to pop up as the craze gains popularity. The newest, and in our opinion coolest of these cafes is Bengal Brew. This cafe opened in August 2015 and is already seeing a steady stream of visitors. This success is due largely in part to the …

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