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Pretty Litter

Getting to Know Pretty Litter™, The Health-Monitoring Cat Litter

*Sponsored Content* Getting to know Pretty Litter, a potentially revolutionary new kitty litter may be a life-saver for some cats and a money saver on emergency vet bills for cat owners. Pretty Litter helps cat owners detect certain urinary abnormalities early by changing colors when the litter comes in contact with potential feline health issues. Pretty Litter’s technology incorporates health indicators into the litter that detects abnormal pH levels in acid and alkaline similar to a …

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Matilda The Alien Cat

The Curious Case Of Matilda The Alien Cat On Instagram

 Matilda is a two-year-old tabby female suffering from a mysterious eye condition that makes her look like an alien cat from another galaxy. Her owner says she was born on Valentine’s Day in 2013 in a hoarder’s home and she was only 12 weeks old when her forever family adopted her from an animal rescue organization. During her first year, Matilda’s eyes looked normal, except for the occasional squint which earned her the nickname of “Quasimodo”. Shortly …

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Bengal Cat Harness Leash

How To Train Your Cat To Walk On A Leash

 I recently bought the Kitty Holster cat harness for my Bengal after reading all the positive online reviews about this product. I was impressed with how well made it was and how easy it is to put on and take off. All the other harnesses I tried were so difficult and stressful to put on. This walking vest is also much more comfortable than the traditional 2-strap harnesses. Compared to other cat harnesses, the Kitty …

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Should I let my Bengal outside

Should I Let My Cat Outside? Especially a Bengal?

A very controversial topic in the Bengal cat community is whether or not you should let your Bengal outside. As I understand it, some countries consider it cruel to keep a cat locked up inside. People will do what they need to do to give their cats access to the outdoors, even when living in an apartment NOT on ground level. In the US, it is very common for people to keep their kitties as …

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How To Feed Your Bengal Cat

How to Feed Your Bengal Cat A Healthy Diet

If you have a Bengal cat (or any cat for that matter), then I’m sure it is important to you to keep your kitty as happy as can be. It is likely that you want your Bengal to have a long life, minimal visits to the vet, minimal health issues, minimal behavioral issues, and to be a thriving being in your home. One of the things you can do to keep your Bengal happy and …

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Welcoming new Bengal kitten home

Welcoming Your New Bengal Kitten Home

 Bringing a new Bengal kitten into your home means a big change in your routine. Your new kitten is also dealing with a big change in his or her life at this time and some stress-related symptoms such as sniffles and/or sneezing or diarrhea may be experienced and are usually transitory and not signs of generalized illness. It is recommended that your new Bengal cat/kitten be in quarantine during this time (if there are other …

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Bengal Cats Celebrities

Bengal Cats That Own Celebrities

The Bengal cat is probably the most popular breed worldwide and a lot of celebrities own them. Because of their appeal and cachet, famous people and Hollywood celebrities are interested in owning them as pets. Just like all of the cat-lovers out there, celebrities really are just like us because they love animals too and find comfort in their furry friends. These Bengal cats have charmed their way into the hearts of the most talented …

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