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Enjoy these picture galleries of Bengal cats and kittens. Featuring all the best photos and stories about Bengals and their owners. You may also share your own pictures and story as a community member.

15 Bengal Photos From Perth’s Pet Photographer Amanda Perris

Perth Pet Photographer Bengal Photos

Capturing the cuteness of your furry friends on camera is not always an easy task. It seems that at least half of my attempts to capture a beautiful moment with my furball ends in blurry snaps, due to wiggling and running around, and the only moments I manage to get a decent photo is when my spoiled feline decides it’s time to strike a pose. So, I wondered if there is some secret method or …

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The Unusual Friendship Between A Bengal Cat And An Otter

Sam Bengal Cat And Pip The Otter

If you’ve ever wanted to get a Bengal cat or already have one, you probably know how important it is to have a companion for them. These gorgeous felines are well known for their active and playful temperament, and sometimes, that means they get bored easily and become mischievous, in case there is no one there to entertain them. That’s why most people decide on getting a pair of Bengals or choosing this unique breed …

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Incredibly Cute Photos And Videos Of Bengal Kitten Alex

Alex the Bengal kitten

Do you remember the time when your Bengal cat was little more than a tiny, adorable ball of fur? Those first months of kittenhood are a time of major cuteness and playfulness, and Alex, a Bengal kitten from Russia, will remind you of those precious moments you shared with your own baby Bengal. As most Bengal cats, this charming kitten is always exploring and looking for an adventure, whether it’s helping his parents renovate or …

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This Girl And Her Bengal Have Sailed 7000 Nautical Miles Together

Captain Cooper The Sailor Bengal Cat

 It’s no secret that Bengals love water more than most cats, but this feline’s love for water is something else. Instead of feeling content with an occasional splashing in the tub, Captain Cooper prefers being on the open sea. This feisty Bengal cat and his owner, Stephanie Mansberger, have sailed almost 7,000 nautical miles together. During their sea adventures, Captain Cooper isn’t only focused on maintaining a steady course and doing his duties as a …

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Interview: Entourage’s Creator Doug Ellin Talks About His Bengal

 We all know that Bengals are truly majestic creatures. They have amazing personalities and killer looks, so it’s not a surprise that this breed is a favorite amongst celebrity cat lovers. I had the privilege to interview a famous cat owner in the movie entertainment industry about his Bengal and the impact he had on his life. Doug Ellin is an American screenwriter, producer and director, best known for his hit comedy-drama series Entourage. The …

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Bengal Owner Photoshops His Cat Into Sports Themed Pictures

Bengal Owner Photoshops His Cat Into Sports Themed Pictures

Some of our members have a great sense of humour! Andrei Salokhin lives in Belarus (Eastern Europe) and like any Bengal cat lover, he has a little lady (born July 5, 2015) that he totally adores. Andrei created these comical Photoshop manipulations featuring Simba herself doing all kinds of sports. Simba is a 10-months old bengal kitty who became a member of our family at the age of 4 months. She is an incredibly active …

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How 2 Bengal Cats Seduced The Dance Community

NYC Dance Project Bengal Cat

The NYC Dance Project has captured the attention of many art and dance enthusiasts across the globe. People are moved by the elegant poses of the dancers, the beautiful colors and flow of the images. Many cat lovers have found themselves intrigued by the project as well, due to the accidental appearance of the photographers Bengals. Deborah Ory and Ken Browar were inspired to start this innovative project when their daughter expressed an interest in …

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These Bengal Cat Tattoos Are Purrfection!

Bengal Cat Tattoo Matthew Herbert

 While getting “inked” has been around for centuries, cat tattoos or “cattoos” are becoming more and more popular among cat lovers. This ultimate ode to our cats is taking dedication to a whole new level! There are cat lovers of all ages and genders taking to this new awesome art form, and I couldn’t be more excited about it! This new breed of tattoos has seen a huge spike in popularity according to Betty Rose, …

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