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June 4th is National Hug Your Cat Day

National Hug Your Cat Day

June 4th is National Hug Your Cat Day and cat owners everywhere are encouraged to hug their cats. Even though most of us probably practice it year-round, National Hug Your Cat Day is just another excuse to show your cat extra affection. Cats are the perfect cuddle buddies and hugs release those good-feeling endorphins that help get a mood boost and chase away the blues! And if you don’t have a cat, then simply adapt …

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Simba And Tinkerbell. My Disney Cats!

Simba and Think my Disney Cats

 Hello! bengal_buds here! So this is Tinkerbell, we call her tink though oldest of the bunch, also the smallest. We called her tink way before we knew she was gonna be a runt. All just turned out great I guess! She is 3 and Simba (my other bengal) is 2! Yes I know…Disney names, wasn’t even the plan. Some things just happen! So I lived in Canada for 11 years before I moved to England! …

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Photos of Jill Gradually Turning Into a Crazy Bengal Cat Lady

Jill Houser and her Bengal Cricket

 My Bengal cat, Cricket has been living with me for 4 years, in 8 apartments, 2 states, with 5 terrible boyfriends and endless trips on the road together. After going through a difficult period in my life, I dropped out of photography school in Daytona Beach, Florida and drove all the way to Denver, Colorado. Cricket stayed on my shoulders the whole way during this road trip. I had no friends or family in the …

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5 Portraits To Share My Love Of Bengals And Photography

Andrew's bengal playtime photo

Hey, I’m Andrew Marttila. I began taking pictures of my bengal, Haroun, for fun while finishing a degree in Neuroscience. Due to the overwhelming response I received from the online community, I decided to open up a pet photography business and began taking pictures for others. Upon graduation it had grown to the point that I was fortunate enough to make it a full-time endeavor. I have had plenty of time to perfect my method …

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Mother Of Bengals T-Shirt

Mother Of Bengals T-Shirt

Bengal lovers and loving moms, unite! Celebrate Mother’s Day and be proud of being a bengal-owner with the limited-edition “Mother Of Bengals” shirt! If you love your mom or your Bengals… or a mom who loves Bengals:  Each product is screen printed using the latest technology on super soft premium materials. Different styles and sizes to choose from. Get yours today before they are gone! It’s the perfect gift for cat-lover’s moms. ***Worldwide shipping***

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