Best Cat Products

Don’t we all want our cats to have the very best of everything? In this section, we list the very best cat products.

Find reviews of products such as cat toys, scratching posts or leashes and harnesses for cats, and more. Pamper your pet with the hottest kitty gifts!

Jackson Galaxy Air Prey Wand Mojo Maker By Petmate

Jackson Galaxy Air Prey Wand Mojo Maker By Petmate

If you are already familiar with Da Bird cat toy, Jackson Galaxy’s Air Prey Wand (aka Mojo Maker) can be considered as an upgraded version of this cat toy. Designed for ease of storage as well as cat enjoyment and stimulation this toy offers everything you want for your cat and then some. While Da Bird was easy to store with its two-part detachable rod the Mojo Maker has a retractable handle. Similar to a …

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Da Bird Cat Toy Gives Them Wings

Bengal Cat Da Bird Cat Toy

The Da Bird cat toy is a fun and interactive realistic feather toy made in America. Da Bird has some neat features that many similar cat toys are lacking. My bengal goes wild over the flight-like motion and the sound of bird’s wings flapping in the air. The realistic feathers make it look like a prey to them and if you let him get ahold of it, he might end up tearing it to pieces. …

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