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Tons of funny and educative Bengal cat videos from YouTube or submitted by their owners. Watch videos of Bengals doing what they do best: swimming, talking, doing cat tricks or showing off their climbing and jumping acrobatics!

Two Bengals Fascinated By Bidet’s Random Spurts Of Water

Two Bengal cats fascinated by bidet

 Most cat owners dread bath time with their four-legged friends. And why wouldn’t they? Most cats hate water, so the instant they realize that they’re going into the tub, they get into flight or fight mode. Which, in both cases, includes a lot of angry meowing, scratching and biting. However, for Bengal cat owners, things are completely different. These leopard-like kitties love water so much that their humans actually struggle to keep them away from places like sinks or toilets. A perfect example of the Bengal cat’s curiosity and fondness of water is this video of Sammy and Ella, a …

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Dream-like Video Of Zoey’s First Time On Water

Dream-like Video Bengal cat Lake Adventure

 Everyone who owns (or, to be honest, is owned by) a Bengal cat, knows how affectionate and caring these felines are. Contrary to popular belief, Bengal cats are not wild or aggressive, but rather quite loving and loyal. Sure, they might not always be the cuddliest, fluffiest kitties out there, as they are not your typical lap cats, but one thing is for sure: Bengals love their families, and love being the center of their human’s attention. These petite leopards really enjoy human company, so they definitely tend to go the extra mile to be included in the daily activities, …

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Bengal Cat Sisters Hunt A Robotic Fish In This Adorable Video

Bengal Cat Sisters Hunt A Robotic Fish Video

 Although most felines are afraid of water and try their best to avoid any contact with it, Bengal cats are truly an exception to the rule. These spotted kitties absolutely adore water and will try to wash their paws or splash around any chance they get! Their fondness for water is a remnant of their wildcat ancestry, as the Asian Leopard Cat’s natural habitat is often close to rivers, streams, swamps and mangroves where they swim and hunt fish. It’s also a great way for these small wild cats to mask their smell from bigger predators. So, having in mind …

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This One Thing Keeps 10 Bengal Kittens Mesmerized

Bengal Kittens Mesmerized

I think we can all agree that kittens are possibly the cutest creatures in the known universe. Their tiny noses, miniature paws, and adorable antics are bound to put a smile on anyone’s face. And if they happen to be spotted Bengal babies at that, well, even better! If you need an extra dose of cute in your day, this video of ten (yes, ten) incredibly cute Bengal kittens is just the thing for you. This heart-melting bunch of leopard-like kittens gathered around the utmost object of fascination for all kittens worldwide- a cat toy wand. Let’s face it, toy …

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This Video Of A Bengal Cat Studying Gravity Will Make Your Day

Bengal Cat Knocking Things Over

Have you ever wondered why, when a cat thinks something is forbidden or of limits, that very thing becomes the most interesting thing in the world? I have no other explanation besides that their defiant little feline brains see the word “no” as the ultimate stimulant. It’s like they find perfect joy in doing something they are not supposed to, and anyone who has ever had a cat will agree on this with me. Although this rebellious side of theirs can get on your nerves sometimes, you have to admit that you adore them for their independence and that unmistakable …

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You Will Fall In Love With This Video Of A Playful Bengal Kitten

Playful Bengal Kitten Video

Is there anything cuter than a kitten, with its tiny paws and little nose? I really can’t think of something that could top that. And if that kitty happens to be a spotted little baby Bengal, even better. You already know you’re in for a cuteness overload. Apart from being extremely adorable, kittens are known for being overwhelmingly active and playful, especially Bengal kittens. They can’t get enough or jumping around, climbing all over and exploring their environment. The kitten from this video, called Jax, is a perfect example of both the high-spiritedness and the cuteness of baby Bengals. From …

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This Guy Gave His Cats An iPad To Play With And It Was Hilarious

iPad Game Cats

Would it surprise you to learn that you have a tech-savvy feline? Well, it shouldn’t. In this day and age, even cats like to play with newest gadgets and try out everything the world of technology has to offer. After all, why wouldn’t they like to exploit the wonders of technological advancement such as the Petcube and other interactive games for cats? Nowadays, there are literally thousands of toys and useful gadgets for cats. People love showering their pets with gifts, and there are many great cat products to choose from. However, you don’t have to go over the top …

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Amazing GoPro Video Captures This Bengal’s Skimboarding Skills

Boomer, Silver Bengal Cat Skimboarding

It’s a well-known fact that all Bengals simply adore water. From swishing in their water bowl to sneaking up while you shower, or even sailing on the open sea, these exotic felines love their aquatic adventures, whether they are in your bathroom or the outdoors. With his owner, Robert Dollwet, being a professional animal trainer and lover of sports, it’s no wonder that Boomer tried his hand at skimboarding. (For those of you who don’t know what skimboarding is, it’s quite similar to surfing.) This courageous Bengal loves hanging out by the river with his owner, and best friend, a …

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