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Bengal Cat Videos

Tons of funny and educative Bengal cat videos from YouTube or submitted by their owners. Watch videos of Bengals doing what they do best: swimming, talking, doing cat tricks or showing off their climbing and jumping acrobatics!

Bengal Kitty Gets His First Swimming Lesson At The Beach

Bengal Kitty Gets His First Swimming Lesson At The Beach

It’s not breaking news that Bengals have very different personalities and characteristics from your average household feline. One of their most intriguing and most defiantly entertaining traits would be their capability to enjoy water. Unlike most other breeds, Bengals embrace water without fear or (much) hesitation. Diego is a very adventurous little Bengal, having a fun filled day at the Graham’s Beach in New Zealand with his fur-family. He’s set and ready to go with …

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F1 Bengal Gives His Owners The Best Greeting Ever

F1 Bengal gives his owners the best greeting ever

A cat can greet their human in a variety of different ways; a small meow, a rub along the legs, a patient little wait by the door or just plain ignore them and wait for the human to come to them. Hydro, the young F1 Bengal, has a unique way to welcome his fur-parents. Hydro starts his routine greeting by climbing up the Lazyboy, perching on the headrest then taking a leap onto the microwave. …

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Hypnotist Bengal Has A Hidden Agenda

Weimaraner dog gets head massage from bengal cat

The gorgeous Bengal cat Katoochka is giving a much-tired pooch a relaxing massage, but what you think would be a gesture of love and kindness from friend to friend is actually tainted, for the cat has ulterior motives. Chris Cohen is the voice behind the viral video “Cat Gives A Dog Hypnotherapy – The Translation”. Chris is a comedian who is also responsible for the infamous “Cat vs Printer” video that went viral back in …

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Tabby Cat Welcomes A Bengal Kitten Into The Household

Tabby Cat Welcomes A Bengal Kitten Into The Household

As cat lovers, each of us can remember the day we brought our fur-baby home for the first time. We would watch them as they try to understand what’s going on and what role you will be playing in their life. The star of this video is a baby Bengal by the name of Dee-Jay and he is just the sweetest little trouble maker. You can see where curiosity overcomes uncertainty and Dee-Jay stops hesitating …

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Sneaky Baby Bengal Tries To Pounce On Her Father

Sneaky Baby Bengal

Who needs an alarm clock when you have a baby Bengal cat? I for one have been saved many times by my cat when my alarm did not go off or I accidentally hit silent instead of snooze. My fur-baby realizes that she has been waiting a bit longer than usual for me to fill up her food bowl and then I’m awakened by her cries of “starvation”. It’s always funny and adorable at first… …

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F1 Bengal Won’t Quit Stealing Socks from Washing Machine

F1 Bengal Stealing Socks from Washing Machine

If you have or have had a baby Bengal then you know they can be quite a challenge. Their puppy-like energy and behaviour create a mischievous little personality that can be too cute to handle. Linux is just beyond adorable as he “helps” his human do the laundry and by “help” I mean raise havoc in the washing machine! This F1 Bengal has an insatiable fixation with his human’s socks, to the point where his …

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Mama Bengal Has Her Paws Full With Her Kitten

Mama Bengal has her Paws Full with her Kitten

Kittens are a ball of love and energy; just like children they can often push the limits of their parent’s patience. In this video, the adorable tiny kitten named Kai is only three and a half weeks old and already causing a whole bunch of trouble for her poor mama, but she’s not having any of it! While watching this I couldn’t help but think of a particular scene from the Lion king, when the …

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Bengal Kitten Plays Fetch Like A Puppy

Bengal kitten plays fetch like a puppy

 Kittens are natural playful creatures especially Bengal kittens. Benji, the baby Bengal is seen chasing after his tiny plastic ball over and over again, he just can’t get enough. This dog-like behaviour is not uncommon for Bengals; it’s one of their funniest features. The 38 second video does not give us enough time to deal with the cuteness overload that is Benji, the happy and puurrfect kitten! His extraordinary coat and colors are so vibrant …

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