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Da Bird Cat Toy Gives Them Wings

The Da Bird cat toy is a fun and interactive realistic feather toy made in America. Da Bird has some neat features that many similar cat toys are lacking. My bengal goes wild over the flight-like motion and the sound of bird’s wings flapping in the air. The realistic feathers make it look like a prey to them and if you let him get ahold of it, he might end up tearing it to pieces.

The Da Bird feather teaser is composed of a two-part rod, a feather toy and a string. What makes it unique is that the rod detaches into two parts for easy storage when not in use. This is great for inquisitive cats like Bengals who may try to sneak the toy out when you aren’t around and could possibly injure themselves in the process. The collapsible rod makes it easy to hide the toy in a drawer or other kitty inaccessible storage area.

Da Bird cat toy

The feathers are set on a swivel attached to the string on the pole. This makes the movements of the toy look similar to that of a bird in flight making it irresistible to your feline friend. Many cats can be quite destructive when they finally catch their feathered prey, but the good news is you can replace the feathers on Da Bird whenever they become worn out. This prevents you from having to buy new toys regularly.

Playtime with Da Bird is a great way to get your cat up and moving. A sedentary cat can easily become bored and overweight. They may also begin to get into your things, destroy furniture, and cause mayhem if they aren’t getting enough mental and physical stimulation. A 10-20 minute play session with your cat and Da Bird will not only leave your cat feeling relaxed, but it will also stimulate his mind.

F4 Bengal cat playing with Da Bird

If you are working on training your cat to do tricks and he isn’t very food motivated, the Da Bird cat toy is a great motivational tool as well. When your cat performs the desired trick you can pull out the toy and let him have a 1-2 minute play session, then go back to training and repeat. Try to keep training sessions fun and short, as many cats will lose interest if things get too repetitive.

If you are interested in purchasing Da Bird toy and refills for your cat you can find it on Amazon or at many local pet stores in your area. It’s tempting to buy the cheaper knock off versions, but you get what you pay for when purchasing kitty toys, and Da Bird is awesome!

Video of my F4 bengal cat playing on a bed with the highly acclaimed Da’ Bird interactive feather cat toy.


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Erna Bons

Geweldige dieren.Love them.<3


oh we love Da Bird!!!!!!!


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