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Bengal Rescue Network - Bengal Cats For Adoption

The Bengal Rescue Network (BRN) is a 501c3 volunteer run organization located across the United States and Canada, helping people find Bengal cats for adoption. All of its members are active Bengal cat enthusiasts who truly care about these cats' health, happiness and welfare. We hope to ensure that NO Bengal cat goes hungry, sleeps in the cold,roams the streets, lacks affection, requires attention or remains alone to face an uncertain future.

The “Network” is a meeting place for foster caregivers, rescuers and adopters from around the United States, Canada and Europe, to exchange ideas and assist in re-homing Bengal cats. To be part of the network, the rescuers, foster caregivers and adopters must agree that all cats are vetted (if necessary or current records cannot be verified) and spayed/neutered before placement, and cats are not regularly permitted to be adopted as “outside” pets. (Exceptions are handled on a case-by-case basis.)

The BRN volunteers are experienced lovers, owners and admirers of the Bengal breed and are committed to helping these cats stay in their present home by working with owners on behavioral changes, rescuing as many Bengals as possible who are in jeopardy, rehabbing and restoring the health if needed of Bengals we do rescue, and rehoming our rescued Bengals into knowledge, loving and permanent homes. We are only limited by the number of volunteers we have and our funds.

The Bengal Rescue Network is always in need of transporters, evaluators, and most importantly, long- & short-term foster homes. If you believe you are the right person to help, more information can be found by visting our website,, and selecting Volunteer from the menu.

You must be at least 21 years old to adopt. Each Bengal looking for a home has an adoption fee set by the Regional Coordinator, and this fee is dependent upon location, veterinary costs, shipping/transport fees, etc. You will be asked to fill out the "Cat Adoption Application". This includes questions about you, your current living environment, your family,current pets, previous pets, etc...

Baltimore, Maryland 21230, United States, USA
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