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Find Longhair (Cashmere) Bengal cats and kittens locally, for sale or adoption in our international Bengal cat breeders directory.

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Supernova Bengals

Summary: Linda and Kevin of Supernova Bengals are located in Clackmannanshire, Scotland, breeding Bengals since 2007. Their Bengal kittens are raised in their home with 100% dedication and excellent ethics.From the beginning they have been amazed by the ‘wild look’ of the Asian Leopard cat and earlier generations (F1). The [...]
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SilkyBengals Cashmeres / Ingale Bengals

Summary: Bengal & Cashmere breeder since 2004 in Germany near Cologne. Kittens are raised in home with 100% dedication and excellent ethics. All breeding cats are yearly screend for HCM & PKD, tested for PK-def & Bengal PRA, ensuring excellent health. Ingale & SilkyBengals specialise in longhaired and shorthaired rosetted Bengals in brown [...]
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