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Longhair Bengal Cat Breeders

Find Longhair (Cashmere) Bengal cats and kittens locally, for sale or adoption in our international Bengal cat breeders directory.

Summary: Bengal & Cashmere breeder since 2004 in Germany near Cologne. Kittens are raised in home with 100% dedication and excellent ethics. All breeding cats are yearly screend for HCM & PKD, tested for PK-def & Bengal PRA, ensuring excellent health. Ingale & SilkyBengals specialise in longhaired and shorthaired rosetted Bengals in brown and snow.
Telephone: +492235952636
Code of Ethics: Yes
Summary: Linda and Kevin of Supernova Bengals are located in Clackmannanshire, Scotland, breeding Bengals since 2007. Their Bengal kittens are raised in their home with 100% dedication and excellent ethics. From the beginning they have been amazed by the ‘wild look’ of the Asian Leopard cat and earlier generations (F1). The goal of their breeding program is to produce a Bengal that is both ‘wild’ in head and structure whilst continually [...]
Telephone: +44 1259 724016
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