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Marble Bengal Cat Breeders

Find Marble Bengal cats and kittens locally, for sale or adoption in our international Bengal cat breeders directory.

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Summary: Giannisbengal is a small in-home cattery in Jersey City, New Jersey. The concept idea of our Bengal cat cattery is to achieve Bengal Breed Standard perfection in each kitten. We breed SBT Bengals (many generations down from the Asian Leopard Cat). We pride ourselves on producing quality Purebred Bengal kittens that are well socialized. Our animals live in a friendly family atmosphere. Our kittens are bred for their excellent muscular [...]
Telephone: +1 (201) 522-9317
Code of Ethics: Yes
Summary: Lone Star Bengals is located west of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area in Weatherford. LSB features brown spotted/rosette Bengals with occasional marbles, sprinkled with snows, in both patterns and color. We scrutinize our pedigrees to keep the “wild essence look” that Bengals are well known for but allow a loving, social companion. At LSB, we focus on our program’s health to annually test our breeders that include for HCM, [...]
Telephone: +1 (817) 602-4807
Code of Ethics: Yes
Summary: TICA registered, health tested, and well socialized kittens!
Telephone: 3044120327
Code of Ethics: Yes
Summary: Spotted & Marble Bengals with Gold Glitter.
Telephone: 1 941-451-4113
Summary: Santa Fe Bengal Cattery has been breeding top-quality Bengals for 17 years. Santa Fe Bengal Cattery raises SBT and Foundation Bengal Cats and Kittens in an intimate Bengal Cattery in New Mexico and is dedicated to producing top-quality, highly-socialized Bengal kittens with leopard rosettes, glittered pelts and sparkling personalities. We consider our Bengals our hobby, but we put our "all" into everything that we do for them. Only the best of everything [...]
Code of Ethics: Yes
Summary: Allure Bengals is a small family run TICA registered cattery that breeds on a controlled scale. We are located in Martinsville, VA. All of our foundation queens and kings are of exceptional quality and exceed the breed standard. They came to us from highly respected catteries across the country. Our cats produce a large variety of colors and patterns: silver, brown, and snow, spotted and marbled. We take pride [...]
Telephone: +1 919-308-4684
Summary: Adore Cats Bengals is a breeder in Michigan that specialize in providing high-quality domesticated pedigreed Bengal kittens and cats for pets or show. Many of our kittens are from Supreme Grand Champion bloodlines. We offer brown spotted Bengals, rosetted Bengals, golden Bengals, marble Bengals and seal lynx point (snow) Bengals. We will soon begin offering blue Bengals as well. Our cats (or their parents) have tested negative for HCM, PKD, [...]
Telephone: +1 734-263-3233
Summary: Texas Star Bengals is a small cattery located 25 miles East of Dallas outside Lavon, TX. We specialize in healthy, high quality Bengal kittens with wonderful personalities: brown spotted/rosetted, silver spotted/rosetted and some marbled Bengal kittens from time to time. F1s, F2, F3 Foundation Bengals and SBT Bengal kittens or early generation Bengal kittens, through SBT Bengal kittens. Our Bengals and early generation cats are raised at home, in [...]
Telephone: +1 214-552-0901
Summary: Pocket Leopards Bengals is located in Sacramento, Northern California. This cattery has brown spotted and charcoal brown spotted Bengal kittens. They also breed Charcoal Snow and regular Snow Bengals (seal mink, seal sepia, and seal lynx point) in both the spotted / rosetted and occasinally, marble patterns. Leader in charcoal bengal research who made possible the development of a DNA test for the charcoal coat pattern/color.
Telephone: +1 916-470-4037
Summary: Jonathan and Perrine Kennedy are the owners of Wild Waters Bengals. They have loved animals all of their lives. They live in Malahide, Co.Dublin (Ireland) in a house with plenty of room for their animals. They started breeding Bengal cats in 2006 after falling head over heals with the Bengal at an RDS supreme cat show. The Kittens are born and stay in their house and are well socialised when they [...]
Telephone: +(353) 1 8957554
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