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Dreamhaven Bengals Cattery is very excited to offer you loving and beautiful Bengal kittens from championship bloodlines! Cats/Kittens allowed free access to in-home cattery located in East Central WI. Improving the Bengal breed in terms of temperament and type - rich tones, high contrast. Raising well-socialized and healthy rosetted Bengal kittens to approved buyers. All kittens come with health guarantee and age appropriate vaccinations. Cared for in loving home with daily "hands-on" attention and devotion. These little "lap leopards" can be glittered, tight pelted, rosetted and white-tummied! They are known for their abundant energy, sweet loving personalities, gentle temperament, high intelligence, curiosity, love of water and exotic look of their wild ancestors - the Asian Leopard Cat (ALC). In addition, Bengal cats are very social in nature and fit right into the structure of family life, adapting to it well as they enjoy being an integral part of the family.

Neenah, Wisconsin, USA
Telephone: +1 (920) 202-0836
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