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Number 1 Bengal kitten in the world (TICA)
Number 1 Bengal cat and kitten in the world (TICA) 2015/16
Number 1 Bengal kitten in the world (TICA)Number 1 Bengal cat and kitten in the world (TICA) 2015/16

Jungletrax is a hobby cattery owned and operated by Anthony Hutcherson. The goal is simply to create beautiful and ever better examples of the Bengal cat breed as it was founded by Jean Mill and envisioned by Anthony Hutcherson.

Anthony's goal with every breeding is to produce one kitten that is closer than either parent to the ideal Bengal Cat - the one of his dreams. His goal is a cat very reminiscent of an ocelot that has an extremely exotic look, is dozens of generations removed from any hybrids that when you reach down to stroke him or her, they roll on their belly and purr loudly.

Jungletrax is a TICA registered cattery and you might often find Anthony at a TICA Show exhibiting one of his beautiful Bengal cats.

Port Tobacco, MD 20677, United States, Maryland, USA
Telephone: 301-751-7474
  • TICA
Code of Ethics: Yes
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