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Leap of Faith - Rosetted Bengal Kitten
Leap of Faith - Brown Bengal Large Rosettes
Leap of Faith - Clouded Bengal Kitten
Leap of Faith - Large Brown Rosetted Bengal
Leap of Faith - Rosetted Bengal KittenLeap of Faith - Brown Bengal Large RosettesLeap of Faith - Clouded Bengal KittenLeap of Faith - Large Brown Rosetted Bengal

Leap of Faith Bengals is a TICA registered cattery located in Bakersfield, Central California out in the country. We have chosen the brown spotted markings with large outlined rosettes and clouded patterns that we just love in these cats.

Socialization is of utmost importance to us as we want their new families to be able to go home with a friendly, fun and well adjusted kitten. Bengals are very intelligent cats and ours have already learned not to get on certain furniture, counter tops or tables.

They live inside with our family, have individual 10x10 rooms all furnished with their own cat wheel, trees and toys and are also able to go outside as we live on 300 acres with no neighbors for miles. The wild definitely comes out in them when they are outdoors. These cats are very intrigued by water and catching anything that moves.

Bakersfield, California, USA 93314
Telephone: +1 (661) 342-9347
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