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Bengal Cat Breeders in Europe

Please select a European country on the map below to find a list of reputable Bengal cat breeders in your area.

Try to search: Brown Bengal, Snow Bengal

Summary: Elevage des Griffes de Feu is located in a large farm on 10 hectares of land in the department of Creuse, France. Nathalie, Philippe and Sonia Chiesa are passionate breeders. They provide maximum monitoring of births and babies both day and night. They focus on the "Wild type" and not on big rosettes. Work on morphology and hybridization. Work on the white belly and "white belly expression". Selection of breeding stock among the best [...]
Telephone: 05 55 41 49 14
Code of Ethics: Yes
Summary: Wildcats Spirit is a family run cattery focused on breeding Bengal cats. The cattery is located in Jumet, Belgium in the region of Charleroi. Wildcats Spirit work with the most prestigious breeding lines from different countries such as USA, Canada and France. All kittens are sold from the age of 12 weeks.
Telephone: +32 498 46 17 80
Summary: Jonathan and Perrine Kennedy are the owners of Wild Waters Bengals. They have loved animals all of their lives. They live in Malahide, Co.Dublin (Ireland) in a house with plenty of room for their animals. They started breeding Bengal cats in 2006 after falling head over heals with the Bengal at an RDS supreme cat show. The Kittens are born and stay in their house and are well socialised when they [...]
Telephone: +(353) 1 8957554
Summary: Breeder of quality home Bengal cats. Igher Bengal breeds Bengal cats of very high genealogy, with high contrast and shiny coat and a fantastic character. Our cats live together with us without any cage. We are located in Milan, Italy
Telephone: +39 3298567271
Code of Ethics: Yes
Summary: Bengal & Cashmere breeder since 2004 in Germany near Cologne. Kittens are raised in home with 100% dedication and excellent ethics. All breeding cats are yearly screend for HCM & PKD, tested for PK-def & Bengal PRA, ensuring excellent health. Ingale & SilkyBengals specialise in longhaired and shorthaired rosetted Bengals in brown and snow.
Telephone: +492235952636
Code of Ethics: Yes
Summary: Linda and Kevin of Supernova Bengals are located in Clackmannanshire, Scotland, breeding Bengals since 2007. Their Bengal kittens are raised in their home with 100% dedication and excellent ethics. From the beginning they have been amazed by the ‘wild look’ of the Asian Leopard cat and earlier generations (F1). The goal of their breeding program is to produce a Bengal that is both ‘wild’ in head and structure whilst continually [...]
Telephone: +44 1259 724016
Summary: Hello and welcome to Bengalen vom Kristallberg (Bengals from Kristallberg), we are glad that you are here. We (Rebecca & Herbert) are an Austrian couple living in Switzerland, in the canton of St. Gallen, and have fulfilled our dream to start a small Bengal hobby cattery. The love for Bengals started a few years ago with our first pet Bengal Happy. Little by little we fell in love with this great [...]
Code of Ethics: Yes
Summary: Chantily Bengals is a small home run cattery based in Watton-at-Stone, Hertfordshire. We have three beautiful Queens who are the rule of our household. We aim to produce beautiful marked, well tempered, fun loving kittens through selective breeding with Studs which emphasize the traits of the Asian Leopard Cat. Specialising in Brown Rosette, Silver and Seal Mink bengals. Our Queens and kittens receive the best quality healthcare and nurturing as they are brought [...]
Telephone: 07903055245
Code of Ethics: Yes
Summary: Silvercrown Bengals est un élevage familial, consacré au chat Bengal (et plus particulièrement au silver), situé à Wimereux en France. Nous sommes éleveurs de Bengals depuis 2011. Nous élevons principalement des Silver, couleur que nous affectionnons beaucoup mais nous avons aussi quelques reproducteurs Brown. Nous cherchons à accoupler des Bengals de grande qualité afin d'obtenir des chatons au look sauvage, avec un caractère de nounours.
Telephone: +33 611 958 299
Code of Ethics: Yes
Summary: Spécialiste du chat bengal brown et silver rosetted tabby depuis 2000 (17 champions du Monde). L'élevage de Bengals Saphirs de Lune est situé à Bellevesvre, une commune située dans le département de Saône-et-Loire, en région Bourgogne-Franche-Comté (à 140km de Genève et 98 km de Vallorbe). En avril 2011, l'émission "30 millions d'amis" sur France 3 a tourné un reportage sur le chat Bengal dans la chatterie Saphirs de Lune de [...]
Telephone: +33 (0) 673910438
Code of Ethics: Yes
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