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Bengal Cat Breeders in United Kingdom

Please search on the United Kingdom map below to find a list of reputable Bengal cat breeders in your area.

Summary: Linda and Kevin of Supernova Bengals are located in Clackmannanshire, Scotland, breeding Bengals since 2007. Their Bengal kittens are raised in their home with 100% dedication and excellent ethics. From the beginning they have been amazed by the ‘wild look’ of the Asian Leopard cat and earlier generations (F1). The goal of their breeding program is to produce a Bengal that is both ‘wild’ in head and structure whilst continually [...]
Summary: Chantily Bengals is a small home run cattery based in Watton-at-Stone, Hertfordshire. We have three beautiful Queens who are the rule of our household. We aim to produce beautiful marked, well tempered, fun loving kittens through selective breeding with Studs which emphasize the traits of the Asian Leopard Cat. Specialising in Brown Rosette, Silver and Seal Mink bengals. Our Queens and kittens receive the best quality healthcare and nurturing as they are brought [...]
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