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Bengal Cat Breeders in North America

Please click on a country on the map below to find a list of reputable Bengal cat breeders in that country.

Try to search: Brown Bengal, Snow Bengal

Summary: Jungletrax is a hobby cattery owned and operated by Anthony Hutcherson. The goal is simply to create beautiful and ever better examples of the Bengal cat breed as it was founded by Jean Mill and envisioned by Anthony Hutcherson. Anthony’s goal with every breeding is to produce one kitten that is closer than either parent to the ideal Bengal Cat – the one of his dreams. His goal is a [...]
Telephone: 301-751-7474
Code of Ethics: Yes
Summary: Giannisbengal is a small in-home cattery in Jersey City, New Jersey. The concept idea of our Bengal cat cattery is to achieve Bengal Breed Standard perfection in each kitten. We breed SBT Bengals (many generations down from the Asian Leopard Cat). We pride ourselves on producing quality Purebred Bengal kittens that are well socialized. Our animals live in a friendly family atmosphere. Our kittens are bred for their excellent muscular [...]
Telephone: +1 (201) 522-9317
Code of Ethics: Yes
Summary: Kitten Bengals In Purradise is located in San Diego, CA zip 92139. Our very small in home cattery is TICA registered Pure Breed Bengals, we currently have Brown, Snow, Blue(dilute) and Silver Queens. Just added a Charcoal Queen!. Health testing and socialization is our top priority. I’m a stay at home mom with 3 children so my fur-babies and children are my world and I wouldn’t ask for it [...]
Telephone: (619)761-0482
Code of Ethics: Yes
Summary: Leap of Faith Bengals is a TICA registered cattery located in Bakersfield, Central California out in the country. We have chosen the brown spotted markings with large outlined rosettes and clouded patterns that we just love in these cats. Socialization is of utmost importance to us as we want their new families to be able to go home with a friendly, fun and well adjusted kitten. Bengals are very intelligent [...]
Telephone: +1 (661) 342-9347
Summary: Lone Star Bengals is located west of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area in Weatherford. LSB features brown spotted/rosette Bengals with occasional marbles, sprinkled with snows, in both patterns and color. We scrutinize our pedigrees to keep the “wild essence look” that Bengals are well known for but allow a loving, social companion. At LSB, we focus on our program’s health to annually test our breeders that include for HCM, [...]
Telephone: +1 (817) 602-4807
Code of Ethics: Yes
Summary: A-Kerr’s Bengal Cats is located in Cardington, Ohio, about 45 minutes to an hour north of Columbus, Ohio. A-Kerr’s is a well established name since Libbie Kerr and her husband, John started the cattery in 1989. She is now retired but Samantha Kerr, her daughter-in-law, is now the owner/operator of the cattery and continues the excellence that A-Kerr’s has known over the years! A-Kerr’s produces mainly brown spotted Bengal cats [...]
Summary: Abita Bengals is a small, TICA registered, family cattery located in Mandeville, LA, just about 25 miles outside of New Orleans. My husband and I started our cattery after owning 2 bengal cats as pets. We fell in love with the breed and decided to take our love for the breed a step further and start our small cattery. If you have never met a Bengal cat, you do [...]
Telephone: +1 (985) 237-3456
Summary: Absolutely Bengals is a small cattery striving for superior quality Bengals since 1986. Genetically healthy, happy, and beautiful brown spotteds with outgoing temperament. Top show cats and family best friends from Supreme Grand Champions. Breeding and raising Bengals is our HOBBY and NOT our business so we do not “need” to sell you a cat! We are dedicated to helping sincere Bengal lovers obtain these wonderful spotted friends (even without [...]
Telephone: +1 208-667-7926
Code of Ethics: Yes
Summary: Abundadots has been a registered BENGAL CAT cattery since 1989. Raised in our home, loved and underfoot by Suzanne Merrill. A Veterinary technician, artist and nature lover, these cats are my passion. Gorgeous wild cat replicas, they are incredibly smart and outgoing. With almost a quarter century of breeding these cats, we produce all colors and patterns. Specializing in gorgeous snow leopards Bengals.
Telephone: +1 (519) 848-5843
Summary: Adore Cats Bengals is a breeder in Michigan that specialize in providing high-quality domesticated pedigreed Bengal kittens and cats for pets or show. Many of our kittens are from Supreme Grand Champion bloodlines. We offer brown spotted Bengals, rosetted Bengals, golden Bengals, marble Bengals and seal lynx point (snow) Bengals. We will soon begin offering blue Bengals as well. Our cats (or their parents) have tested negative for HCM, PKD, [...]
Telephone: +1 734-263-3233
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