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Bengal Cat Breeders in North Carolina, USA

Looking to adopt a kitten from a Bengal cat breeder in North Carolina? Simply browse through our worldwide directory of reputable cat breeders and rescue organizations – complete with website addresses, driving directions, photo galleries and more.

Use the map of North Carolina below to find a list of all the nearest Bengal cat breeders living in your area. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions about their cats or kittens and the conditions for adoption.

Clicking a cattery name or logo will take you directly to the listing on the breeder’s listing page. If you want to learn about the breed first, visit our Bengal cat breed section for all the infos you need.

Try to search: Brown Bengal, Snow Bengal

Summary: Elysian Bengals are bred to be of "such surpassing excellence as to suggest inspiration by the gods". Our cats are meticulously chosen to exhibit the characteristics of the original asian leopard cat, personalities suitable for therapy work as well as excellent examples of health via careful analysis of genetics, screenings for HCM, PK-Def and PRA-b and species appropriate raw diets. Elysian Bengals is T.I.C.A registered co-owned by wife and [...]
Telephone: +1 717-917-2767
Code of Ethics: Yes
Summary: Bengal Royalty is a reputable North Carolina cattery dedicated to excellence in quality and customer service. We give individualized attention and train all our babies from the time they are born until they go to their new homes. Our Bengal kittens for sale are all vet-certified healthy, well-socialized, playful, very loving, and especially beautiful. If you like BIG Bengals, this is the place to find them! They are fed [...]
Telephone: +1 (786) 985-4873
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