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Rahimi Bengals - Brown Spotted
Rahimi Bengals Breeder

Rahimi Bengals is a small, but growing, cattery about 20 minutes Northeast of Columbus, Ohio. We are focusing on bettering the breed and to provide quality Bengals to pet and/or show/breeder homes.

Although honest breeders will tell you that not every story within a cattery ends with a "Happily Ever After", they will also without a doubt express that the magic of working with the Bengal far outweighs the challenges responsible breeders face.

It is an honor to contribute to such an aesthetically appealing, personality- forward breed and with people who have the heart to preserve and improve the Bengal bloodline. I hope you enjoy viewing our Bengals online and I look forward to helping you pick out the purr-fect new addition to your family.

Saffron Dr, Sunbury, Ohio, USA 43074
Telephone: +1 (740) 833-6554

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