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StarAngel Bengals - Brown Rosetted  BengalStarAngel Bengals Brown Rosetted Kitten

StarAngel Bengals is a small in home cattery in Southern New Jersey. The emphasis of StarAngel is placed on breeding for quality, to breed queens and show cats. Special studs, beautiful queens and proven bloodlines. Specializing in Brown, Silver and Snow Bengal cats.

Using the Bengal cat standard, a primary goal is to help you find the perfect cat or kitten for your family pet or for your own breeding program. If I do not have any kittens that are just right for you, I will do my best to help you find one from a reputable breeder, or place you on my waiting list.

The emphasis of StarAngel Bengals is placed on using the Bengal Standard as our Guide. We strive to preserve the beauty of the Asian Leopard Cat.

South Jersey, New Jersey, USA 08078
Telephone: +1 (609) 442-1285
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