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Wildrose Bengals Cats
Wildrose Bengals - Blue Bengal kitten
Wildrose Bengals - Snow Bengal kitten
Wildrose Bengals CatsWildrose Bengals - Blue Bengal kittenWildrose Bengals - Snow Bengal kitten

Wildrose Bengals is a small in-home cattery breeding quality Bengal cats, located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

We strive to produce stunning rosetted Bengals with a wild look and great personality. All of our Bengal cats are registered with The International Cat Association (TICA) and come with age appropriate vaccinations and a health guarantee. Wildrosebengals is a proud member of TICA (The International Cat Association) and TIBCS (The International Bengal Cat Society).

We produce mainly rosetted (spotted) Brown and Snow Bengals, but also occasionally have Charcoal Brown and Charcoal Snow, and sometimes we have marble kittens!

We absolutely love all of our bengals and give them as much care and attention as we possibly can. All of our females live in our home with us and also have designated play/kitten rooms specifically set up for them. Unfortunately our whole males spray and therefore we have built them each seperate large enclosures in our garage. They have cat trees, toys, a cat wheel, and a large window to see outside.

We have cat wheels for the cats and kittens to provide them with some entertainment and exercise.  🙂
Our kittens are played with daily and once they are old enough have run of the house to be properly socialized. We DO NOT cage our cats unless medically necessary.

Our pet Bengals kittens range in price between $1500 & over $2000.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5Y 2P1
Telephone: +1 (780) 721-6286
  • TICA
Code of Ethics: Yes

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