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Wildwood Bengals - Brown Rosetted Kitten
Wildwood Bengals - Sadie (Queen)
Wildwood Bengals - Brown Rosetted Female

Wildwood Bengals is a small, home-based TICA registered cattery located in Yucaipa, Southern California. Wildwood specializes in brown rosetted Bengals and carefully select their cats for temperament, health and beauty.

We keep our cattery very small so that every cat and kitten here can be given the love and attention they deserve. We are dedicated and passionate about providing our Bengal cats and kittens with the best possible care at our home.

We provide very hands on socialization of the kittens so that when they are ready for their new homes, they will be active, playful, friendly and part of the family… just like a Bengal is supposed to be!

Yucaipa, California, USA
Telephone: +1 616-212-6023
  • TICA
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