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I really like your suggestions! And thank you guys. It’s been a long year. He had a benign mass on his liver and we finally started getting his liver enzymes under control in September and then October this time, it was Cancer and it came full force. My selfish side had him wait until November 1st bc my birthday is October 28. He held on until that moment with him in my arms at the Vet. That moment is imprinted on my mind and my heart physically hurts everytime I think about it. He was such a fighter and I’m so so thankful for the amazing 17 years he gave me! When my mom showed me this little girls pictures and told me she was mine while she was holding back tears I burst into tears myself. She’s been my rock this past month and this was such a surprise and such an amazing surprise. I can’t wait to meet this little girl, she was born November 20th and we get to go meet her when she’s 4 weeks old so soon! I’m going to cry when I meet her lol. I really appreciate your kind words, and your awesome suggestions. I’ll definitely have to post more pictures as we get updates from the breeder as well as when I choose a name!

Thank you

ps. Tiger is my profile picture, he was such a handsome cat and so so truly amazing.


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