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My Bengal can go outside whenever he wants through his Cat door. He only stays in my fenced in backyard, he is walked on a leash and these help tremendously. He refuses to use a litter box but maybe once every 6 months and I’ve tried every litter & litter box known to man in the last 6 years. However…mine is very territorial. He also retaliates. If I don’t feed him in time When he’s howling at me…he will spray and that’s just one example. After I had him about 9 months I got very ill and was home daily except when I went in for chemo or doctor appointments. One evening when I had some stamina I went to my Sisters for 3-4 hours. Came home and he had urinated all over the dining room floor! He was the only animal in my home at the time. I now have two dogs, my Bengal and another domestic female cat all rescues. My Bengal & the domestic barely tolerate each other. The dogs are afraid of the Bengal (🙂). I go to great lengths to keep my Bengal happy, he has a safe eating place where no other animal can take his food, etc. it can be a lot of work. We have been to the vet and had all kinds of tests (he does have a hyperactive thyroid & is on medication). He is now destroying my home by urniating/spraying more often than not. I’m to the point I can’t let anyone into my home and I’m at the end of my rope. I don’t know what to do anymore. Anyone have a suggestion??


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