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    Hello folks. I’m trying to get your insight on a make Bengal name Max we just adopted. This is the first time we’ve adopted a Bengal cat, and although we did some research, he’s showing some behavior issues I hope you guys can help us with. Max will be seven (7) on 3 March and came from a breeder in the U.K., where he was born. Max is beautiful, and we’re excited to have him in our family. The one thing that I’m concerned with is that he climbs up as high as he possibly can to get away from us. I realize Bengals like to do that, but I feel bad for him; not us. The previous owner told us he’s definitely not a lapcat hence we expected for him to be a little ‘standoffich’ When we finally get him down, he constantly growles and makes all kinds of noise letting us know he’s not happy. We have outside dogs, but do have 2.5 pound Chorky indoors. Max certainly doesn’t like him! This is now his third full day in his new home/family hence I’m sure it takes time for him to get use to his new humans. In the interim and advise you can offer will be greatly appreciated. Lastly, I have his pedigree paperwork and was told he’s 9th generation. What does that mean to a non Bengal experiences person? I can’t tell by looking at his pedigree paperwork. Thank you for your time. JR

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    Well all I can say it give it time and make sure he has everything he needs. Cats are very particular creatures, the slightest thing can upset or make them sick – like moving around furniture!they are creatures of habit and do not like having their routine disturbed. It might take some time, up to months before he feels comfortable. Just give him space but don’t ignore him, talk to him as much as you can, and keep an arms length from his nose. let him get used to your sent and keep your small pup away form him for a bit.
    I hope this helps please keep is updated!
    Best of luck

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    Thank you. Makes total sense… Today he’s walking around the house like he owns it! I’m a happy daddy. 🙂

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    I’m so happy to hear all the good news! I’m looking forward to hearing about Max’s future adventures with your family!
    Please take care

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