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    Jeffrey Pardee

    Hello All,
    i tried to post this on the FB page, but I’m not sure where it went…so here it goes again….

    Well, my, currently running around playing, 2 1/2 year old boy “Abu” just got back from the vet…. according to the vet he is a very healthy and strong boy. However, I’m not sure why…but his coat goes in and out of being dull to shinny….every couple months it changes back and forth…
    a little about his personality….has several cat trees he climbs and jumps off of….a million toys that end up all over the house…. i give him a bath once every other month… though he at times likes to jump into the bath when I’m filling it (no shampoo or anything, just likes to play in the water)

    Food wise he has been eating Blue Wilderness Indoor for a little over a year and a half…

    so, my questions are this….

    A) vet says he is healthy, so is there a fur cycle that I have not heard of or is this something i should read more into??

    B) is Blue good for him or should i change his diet? add fish oil maybe?

    C) what else could it be or am i just being that parent that worries to much?

    ps….Abu is running around talking away as he wants me to play with the laser…. so for now, its time to play…. thank you all for your insight and thoughts…

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    Tanya Laporte

    Well if the vet says he’s good I would put much of my trust in that. I’m not a vet but I’ve had many cats over my lifetime and I don’t think it sounds serious. Cats loose their coats when a new season comes around so it could be caused by that depending on where you live, weather conditions, etc…

    It’s not very common but I have seen one particular Bengal about 4 years back that had a terrible coat of fur. It could just be a genetic hiccup and if that’s the case you can’t do much about it.
    As for the food talk to your vet before giving or adding any vitamins or supplements to his everyday food.
    I hope this helps
    Good luck and best regards
    Tanya Laporte

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