Does anyone else's Bengal pee everywhere…….?

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    Shauna Fullwood

    We have two Bengal kittens about 6 months old our male is constantly peeing everywhere, they are both desexed and have 4 litter trays through out the house.
    Anyone else have this problem or got advise….???

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    Megan Varney

    I have a one year old female Bengal who pees on my laundry and in my dresser drawers if I leave them open. I was recently told that the wilder the breed of cat they more pee issues they have. At the time I got the Bengal there was another cat already in the house. She is gone now and the peeing seems to have subsided. I am not sure but I think it’s a territorial thing even if they are desexed. No advice but I feel your pain my friend.

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    Tanya Laporte

    Does she go outside? I have a friend that made an outdoor enclosure for her 3 year old male who was peeing all over her house. It solved the problem.
    Keep us updated!
    Best of luck!

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