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    Hello everyone,

    My Bengal Nayla is now 7 months old and I’m trying to teach her what she can or cannot do.

    My biggest problem is at dinner time when my wife and I are eating. So far, Nayla jumps up on the table and walk straight to our plates trying to eat our food. I tried placing her on the floor and say “no” firmly a couple of times but she jumps straight back up and doesn’t care.

    I have tried these two things:

    • Feeding her at the same time we eat but she eats so fast and comes on the table right away when she’s done eating.
    • Giving her a cat toy to distract her but our food is most interesting to her.

    I am open to any kind of advice.

    Thank you


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    Is she allowed on the table at different times? Getting cats to stay off counters and tables is a battle I never win- mine like to lay on the counter while Im cooking dinner, which means I always have a garnish of cat hair. A spray bottle works- sometimes just the presence of a spray bottle works. 🙂 Or ….. get uses to it, and put her up when you have company- not everyone likes a cat on their table. 🙂

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    Tanya Laporte

    Try putting aluminum foil on the places that she uses to jump. Cats can’t stand it! After some time she’ll get the message.
    Keep us posted
    Good luck!

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