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    My 1 yr old female keeps chewing cords and scratching the walls and posters and painting. We have gotten her scratch post and chew toys and she won’t stop. How can I fix this problem before she chews a cord and get shocked. And the cords are mostly headphones and phone chargers and the antenna cord on my TV..

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    Hi Jodi,

    Do you still have that problem? Did you try any of these solutions already?

    About chewing: How to Keep Cats from Chewing on Electric Cords and Chargers

    About scratching: Scratching Carpet or Furniture

    Hope it helps!

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    Hello Jodi;
    Have you tried rubbing lemon on the wires and cords? You can also buy plastic tubing to protect the cords of the computer, TV etc.
    Let me know if this helps
    Good luck!

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