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Amazing GoPro Video Captures This Bengal’s Skimboarding Skills

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It’s a well-known fact that all Bengals simply adore water. From swishing in their water bowl to sneaking up while you shower, or even sailing on the open sea, these exotic felines love their aquatic adventures, whether they are in your bathroom or the outdoors.

With his owner, Robert Dollwet, being a professional animal trainer and lover of sports, it’s no wonder that Boomer tried his hand at skimboarding. (For those of you who don’t know what skimboarding is, it’s quite similar to surfing.) This courageous Bengal loves hanging out by the river with his owner, and best friend, a rescue tabby called Didga, which is where this adorable video was taken.

We can see Boomer riding the waves like a pro, although, admittedly, he had some help from his dad, who was making sure that his precious Bengal is completely safe while in the water. When he wasn’t showing off his surfing expertise, Boomer was on the riverside, having a blast with his furry friends. Although I must admit I was quite impressed by Boomer’s skimboarding skills, I absolutely loved seeing him chasing a Lab down the beach and playing in the sand. You can really see that trademark Bengal playfulness in Boomer!

Boomer Skimboarding Cat

It’s important to note that, no matter how much your Bengal loves being in the water, you have to be extra careful when you’re outdoors with them. They are active and spirited, and if not trained to behave, they can get lost or hurt themselves. Robert, the owner of the silver Bengal in this GoPro video, is a professional with more than 34 years of experience in animal training, and his cat’s safety was never compromised during filming. Before you decide to bring your Bengal with you on an adventure, make sure you’re in a controlled, secure environment and that your cat’s well-being isn’t at risk.

Catmantoo Bengal Cat on Skimboard

Even though Boomer’s shenanigans are beyond amusing, his playful, curious personality is something all Bengals have in common. Bengals can learn tricks very easily, which is one of the reasons Robert chose Boomer in the first place. The intelligence and the dog-like temperament of a Bengal make them perfect for training and people with an active lifestyle. The relationship between Robert and Boomer can attest to that. Whether it’s doing handstands or playing in a ball pit, one thing’s for sure- this Bengal dad knows how to keep his cat happy and entertained!


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