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Hello, It’s An Adele Cat Parody!

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Katherine and Naomi Thorne, Realtors in Marin County, CA created this hilarious music video parody of Adele’s “Hello” that will be sure to make every cat owner point at the screen and say, “Hello, my cat does exactly the same thing.” Katherine is also a singer/songwriter and wrote the lyrics and performed the song for the music video. The project was born out of their desire to make others laugh and their sincere love for their two adorable kitties, Chloe and Kirby.

The video focuses on the daily struggles of Chloe and Kirby, from Kirby’s intense hunger for “people food” to Chloe’s vanity and jealousy over her owners’ obsession with Kirby, the perpetual kitten. Katherine wrote the lyrics and the shot list first in order to tailor the shots around the kitties’ usual behavior. Katherine and Naomi call Chloe “the suicidal cat” because she’s always seeking out dangerous situations, like getting way too close to open flames, eating plastic and playing with scissors. Naomi says, “Kirby is just a little lovebug. He loves his mommies and he just adores Chloe, spending all of his free time doting on her and trying to make her return his love.” They are the perfect dynamic pair with Chloe’s quirky and somewhat indifferent personality and Kirby’s straight-forward cute and cuddly disposition.

Katherine and Naomi are so happy that cat-lovers are getting so much joy from the video, though some viewers say they tear up during certain parts! No matter the emotional response, cat enthusiasts everywhere are relating to this parody and asking for more. Katherine and Naomi also created a parody video of Drake’s “Hotline Bling” that you can catch on Youtube. They are currently working on their third parody video of Selena Gomez’s “Hands to Myself” (new version called “Paws to Myself”) to be released this week, Feb 29th.

Enjoy this video!


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