F1 Bengal Stealing Socks from Washing Machine

F1 Bengal Won’t Quit Stealing Socks from Washing Machine

If you have or have had a baby Bengal then you know they can be quite a challenge. Their puppy-like energy and behaviour create a mischievous little personality that can be too cute to handle. Linux is just beyond adorable as he “helps” his human do the laundry and by “help” I mean raise havoc in the washing machine! This F1 Bengal has an insatiable fixation with his human’s socks, to the point where his human has to chase after him as he makes off with his bounty. Bengals are exceptional little thieves and when they find something that tickles …

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Mama Bengal has her Paws Full with her Kitten

Mama Bengal Has Her Paws Full With Her Kitten

Kittens are a ball of love and energy; just like children they can often push the limits of their parent’s patience. In this video, the adorable tiny kitten named Kai is only three and a half weeks old and already causing a whole bunch of trouble for her poor mama, but she’s not having any of it! While watching this I couldn’t help but think of a particular scene from the Lion king, when the lion cub Simba refuses to take a bath from his mother. Kai reminds me of this for her sole interest is to play and get …

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Bengal kitten plays fetch like a puppy

Bengal Kitten Plays Fetch Like A Puppy

 Kittens are natural playful creatures especially Bengal kittens. Benji, the baby Bengal is seen chasing after his tiny plastic ball over and over again, he just can’t get enough. This dog-like behaviour is not uncommon for Bengals; it’s one of their funniest features. The 38 second video does not give us enough time to deal with the cuteness overload that is Benji, the happy and puurrfect kitten! His extraordinary coat and colors are so vibrant at such a young age that I’m beyond sure he will grow up to be an outstandingly beautiful Bengal. Enjoy this video!

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Bengal Kitten vs. Chihuahua Puppy

Bengal Kitten And Chihuahua Puppy Play Like Siblings

 Bengal cats are known to have dog-like personalities and characteristics, so it’s no surprise to see these two getting along like siblings. The SBT Bengal kitten Loki and his playmate Chihuahua puppy named Drake are like two peas in a pod, almost identical in size and weight and both were only 6 months old when this video was shot. The two tackle each other and wrestle as if they’ve been friends forever. It’s a puurrfect fair fight for they’re an equal match in strength for horseplay! The sweet story behind this is that Drake was a foster puppy. The cat …

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F1 Bengal demands access to shower

F1 Bengal Makes Massive Jump To Get Into The Shower

 Bengal cats are known to love playing in the water but this Bengal by the name of Linux takes it one step further. Linux is beyond curious of what lies within the glass barrier that the humans call “a shower”. The sound of running water and glass walls are no match for Linux’s skill and curiosity. Fed up with his demands going unheard for the human to open the door, he stretches out along the glass wall allowing us to see his magnificent coloring and spots. Linux is truly a creature of beauty and charm. He takes a moment to …

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Labrador Retriever Loves and Protects his Bengal Kittens

Labrador Retriever Loves And Protects His Bengal Kittens

 It comes to no surprise that cats and dogs on occasion can get along, but every once in a while we come across a true moment of love. It’s a sunny day outside and we see this three-year old Labrador retriever named Tucker acting as a surrogate mother for these tiny and sweet little Bengal kittens. Labradors are definitely the gentlest and Tucker is no exception. He is completely at ease with the kittens, it even looks as if he finds this to be soothing. He lets them cuddle, purr, clean him and even gets kisses from them. Tucker even …

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Bengal cat gets head stuck in mini garbage lid

Cat Gets Head Stuck in Mini Garbage Lid

 All cats have the tendency to share a few common traits. You’ve most likely heard the saying “Curiosity killed the cat” but in this case, curiosity just leads to this Bengal’s humiliation. In this video we can see that this common feline characteristic has gotten this little Bengal by the name of Beavis in quite some trouble. So Beavis thinks it’s a bright idea to go ahead and stick his head into a mini garbage can. His play pal and companion Freddie, seems to look on without a care that his friend got caught in an embarrassing predicament. Beavis tries …

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Bengal is a bit confused by husky’s excitement to play

Bengal Is A Bit Confused By Husky’s Excitement To Play

 Some cats take a little longer to warm up to a new person or animal than others. “Please come and play with me” is exactly what this adorable Siberian Husky pup is begging this little Bengal to do. The dog really wants to play with this beautiful spotted cat but he seems worried and cautious. The small cat looks as though he has no idea what to make of this playful invitation! The young pup pounces, begs, cries and rolls over, but instead of joining in on the horseplay our un-cooperative cat looks on with a very awkward gaze. The …

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