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A Curious Little Fellow Named Benedict

Benedict the bengal

 Our bengal’s name is Benedict. We got him from the Charlotte area of North Carolina and he is about to turn 6 months old here in about a week. We wanted a bengal because of their outgoing personalities as well as their insanely beautiful patterns on their fur. Life with Benedict is always interesting, there’s always something going on with him unless he’s snoozing. And even then we usually just look at him and laugh …

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Getting to Know Pretty Litter™, The Health-Monitoring Cat Litter

Pretty Litter

*Sponsored Content* Getting to know Pretty Litter, a potentially revolutionary new kitty litter may be a life-saver for some cats and a money saver on emergency vet bills for cat owners. Pretty Litter helps cat owners detect certain urinary abnormalities early by changing colors when the litter comes in contact with potential feline health issues. Pretty Litter’s technology incorporates health indicators into the litter that detects abnormal pH levels in acid and alkaline similar to a …

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Snow Bengal Cat Attempts Pole Dancing

Bengal Cat Pole Dancing

 Everytime you think you have seen it all when it comes to cat videos, someone raises the bar higher. Jeannine Wilkerling, a pole artist and instructor living in Germany, shared a video of her brother Ingolf Reinkober who was practicing his moves and twirling around her dance pole with her snow bengal cat. “My sweet snow bengal doing pole dancing with my brother. I was so surprised.” she shares in the caption under the video. …

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There Are No Endings, Only New Beginnings

Joann and her Bengal Nyha

 This is Nyha, my second Bengal. I found her on a local Craigslist site. The ad was placed two hours before I saw it. I answered right away, even though it wasn’t the best time for me to consider adopting. Her owners emailed and started communicating with me right away. They liked the fact that I was a previous Bengal owner and all around cat fanatic. I was very depressed after loosing my Dad and …

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Cat Jumps To Incredible Heights From A Total Standstill

Cat jumps to incredible heights

 Bengals can jump higher than most breeds but who would win if a Bengal Cat had to compete against the current world record holder in the high jump, Javier Sotomayor ? The human would win but if there was no difference in size, a cat would win hands down. In equal proportion, not only the cat would beat us but he would even beat the Olympic champion and current record holder in pole vaulting (Renaud …

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The Curious Case Of Matilda The Alien Cat On Instagram

Matilda The Alien Cat

 Matilda is a two-year-old tabby female suffering from a mysterious eye condition that makes her look like an alien cat from another galaxy. Her owner says she was born on Valentine’s Day in 2013 in a hoarder’s home and she was only 12 weeks old when her forever family adopted her from an animal rescue organization. During her first year, Matilda’s eyes looked normal, except for the occasional squint which earned her the nickname of “Quasimodo”. Shortly …

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