The Primordial Pouch: A Fancy Term For Cats’ Saggy Bellies

If you’re a cat parent, then you’ve seen a primordial pouch; you just may not realize it. What is a primordial pouch on a cat,...

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Play Fight Or Real Cat Fight: How To Spot The Difference

Cats at play can get pretty rough and tumble, sometimes alarming their parents with all that flipping, rolling, and swatting. Most of the time, it’s...

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19 Health Facts Veterinarians Want Every Cat Parent To Know

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11 Cat Breeds Who Don’t Mind Water Or Going For A Swim

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Quick Tips For Road Trip ‘Purrfection’ With Your Cat

Fairweather has arrived and that means road trip season is upon us! And when cat parents want to get away, they often want to take...

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