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The Best Enzyme Cleaners for Cat Urine Removal

Best Enzyme Cleaner for Cat Urine

Pet odors can be a pain — particularly if your home is clean and presentable and your cat is prone to accidents. To be sure you’re keeping your home in tip-top shape, you’ll need to look into the highest quality cat odor cleaning products on the market. You’ll be able to get the best enzyme cleaner for cat urine and ensure that you’re able to breathe easy and have company over whenever you’d like. The …

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Cats That Don’t Shed

Cats That Don't Shed

Owning a cat comes with a lot of expenses, not the least of which is shedding control. According to the American Pet Products Association, cat owners spent the same amount on grooming services and tools as they did on cat toys during a 12-month time frame. That means that, for most owners, keeping cat hair off the floor and furniture was as essential as making sure their furry friends felt entertained. One easy, cost-effective way …

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The Best Halloween Costumes For Cats

Halloween Costumes For Cats

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s the best time to start looking for Halloween costumes for your cat. Yup, you read it right. Why should you be the only one to have all the fun for All Hallows Eve? Dress up your kitty and go trick or treating- for kibble, of course. To help you decide which costume your feline friend should wear this year, we made a list of 17 best Halloween costumes …

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The 12 Best Cat Drinking Fountains Of 2019

Is your Bengal cat in love with faucets, sinks or even bidets? Apart from the fact that Bengals genuinely love water, there is one important reason why all cats sneak around running taps, and it’s because they prefer drinking fresh water. Cats have an innate aversion to still water, as in nature still water is more likely to be polluted, stale or a source of dangerous bacteria. However, cat’s instincts are not the only reasons …

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Why Do Cats Hate Water? And Why Some Breeds Like it!

Why Cats Hate Water

If you’re a cat owner, you’re probably familiar with the hardships of getting your cat to bathe. Cats spend at least half of their day grooming. It’s their natural way of maintaining hygiene, so most of the time, they don’t need a bath. In some situations, though, bathing your cat is necessary. For example, when they have fleas, skin infections, sticky fur or other problems, water may be the only solution. But most cats will fight …

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The 13 Best Cat Treat Dispensers

Cat Treat Dispenser

Multifunctional and versatile, automatic and interactive cat treat dispensers are an ideal way to entertain your bored feline, control their wolfish eating habits, or simply help them adjust to a new diet. By connecting fun and food into one activity, these useful gadgets won’t leave any cat indifferent. To help you make the best choice for your beloved fur baby, here is a list of the best cat treat dispensers for 2018/2019! 1. PetSafe SlimCat …

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The 11 Most Expensive Cat Breeds In The World

We know you love cats, but how much money are you willing to shell out for a new furry friend? Your typical American Shorthair cat can cost up to $800, and that is not counting all the wonderful ones waiting to get adopted. The average American cat owner spends a little over $1,200 a year on expenses for their beloved feline. However, that cost pales in comparison to the amount required to get your hands on one …

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