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Bengal Cat Coat: Colors and Patterns

Bengal cat flower color wheel

Bengal cats are a dream come true. Not only are they beautiful, they are a domestic cat with a look that imitates the big cats found in the wild. All domestic cats, pedigreed or not, come in a variety of colors and patterns. The popular spotted and golden leopard coats are not the only accepted color and pattern for Bengals. Bengal cats are more than small, domestic versions of their larger cousins from the jungle. There is a …

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The Snow Bengal Cat

Snow Bengal Cat cover photo

Cats are amazing animals. However, it would be selling them short to group them all into one huge category. Have you ever heard of the Snow Bengal cat? Bengal cats are an amazing breed of felines and are absolutely breathtaking. They are well-known to be athletic, beautiful cats. The unique genetic makeup of the Bengal cat dates back to the 1970s and results in fantastic variations of colors and patterns. Among the different colors within …

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Bengal Cat’s Best Instagram Photos of Halloween 2017

Best Bengal cat Halloween photos 2017

Do you dress your cat up for Halloween? Not all cats enjoy wearing a costume, but if you have one who doesn’t mind posing for a short photo shoot, there are a lot of super cute costumes out there. Halloween is a great time for kids and adults alike, but why should your kitty miss out on all the fun? After all, cats have been one of the main symbols of Halloween throughout history! In …

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Does My Cat Love Me? 7 Signs You’re Your Cat’s Favorite

Does My Cat Love Me?

Whether you’ve got one of the smartest cat breeds in the world or decided to adopt an unidentifiable stray, there are a few things you can count on. Your cat will be curious about every noise and smell, right up until the moment it’s time for several hours of napping. You cat will race madly from room to room like he’s being chased by rampaging ghost dogs. Your cat will never let you forget that …

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List of the Top 8 Long Haired Cat Breeds

Long Haired Cat Breeds

 If you’re looking for a little fluff-ball of love, a long haired cat breed may be perfect for you. But like all types of cats, different breeds will behave differently. You should know the difference between breeds so you don’t end up with a pet not suited to your situation. If you live in an apartment, your needs will be very different than if you are looking for a barn cat. Here’s our look at the …

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The Best Cat Window Perches for Your Curious Kitty

Best Cat Window Perches

When it comes to cats, we can all agree on one thing: cats love windows. Whether they are basking in the sunshine or stalking birds or bugs, cats have always considered the window as one of the sweetest spots to bask. To keep our furry friends “entertained” and out of the way, countless products that lift them to a higher view have been designed, among them being the cat window perches. A cat window perch …

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Everything You Need to Know About Stomatitis in Cats

Stomatitis in Cats

Whether you own a stray adopted from your local shelter or one of the most expensive cat breeds in the world, cat lovers are known for spoiling their feline companions. So when one of our beloved pets is in pain, it’s no wonder that most cat owners will go to great lengths to get them help. In fact, in 2011 alone, cat owners in the U.S. spent more than $7.4 billion on vet visits and …

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