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Why Do Cats Hate Water? And Why Some Breeds Like it!

Why Cats Hate Water

If you’re a cat owner, you’re probably familiar with the hardships of getting your cat to bathe. Cats spend at least half of their day grooming. It’s their natural way of maintaining hygiene, so most of the time, they don’t need a bath. In some situations, though, bathing your cat is necessary. For example, when they have fleas, skin infections, sticky fur or other problems, water may be the only solution. But most cats will fight …

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The 13 Best Cat Treat Dispensers

Cat Treat Dispenser

Multifunctional and versatile, automatic and interactive cat treat dispensers are an ideal way to entertain your bored feline, control their wolfish eating habits, or simply help them adjust to a new diet. By connecting fun and food into one activity, these useful gadgets won’t leave any cat indifferent. To help you make the best choice for your beloved fur baby, here is a list of the best cat treat dispensers for 2018/2019! 1. PetSafe SlimCat …

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The 11 Most Expensive Cat Breeds In The World

We know you love cats, but how much money are you willing to shell out for a new furry friend? Your typical American Shorthair cat can cost up to $800, and that is not counting all the wonderful ones waiting to get adopted. The average American cat owner spends a little over $1,200 a year on expenses for their beloved feline. However, that cost pales in comparison to the amount required to get your hands on one …

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Best Cat Travel Carrier For Your Next Trip

Best Cat Travel Carrier

There’s no question that you love your cat. You make sure home is a happy, comfortable and safe place. And they show their appreciation every day. But what if you need to take your feline friend beyond home? You want the best cat travel carrier. How do your choose? Travel happens Chances are you are among the 77 percent of people who said that pets influence their holiday plans. But even during trips to vet or …

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Video Shows How Bengals Are One Of The Most Playful Cat Breeds

Bengals Most Playful Cat Breeds Video

Keeping an active, intelligent Bengal cat entertained is not always an easy task. One of the most playful cat breeds, Bengal cats are very energetic and without the right motivation, they get bored easily. That’s why most Bengal owners stock up on toys and cat gadgets, to ensure their Bengal will have something to help them burn off the excess energy. But, what is the best toy for Bengal cats? Although this largely depends on …

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10 Most Beautiful Large Cat Breeds

Large Cat Breeds

According to data gathered by the ASPCA, about 35% of all American households own a cat. Whether you currently own a cat and are looking to get another furry friend, or if you’re just considering getting your first cat, there are lots of reasons why they make great pets. They’re awesome companions, incredibly smart (in fact, a cat’s brain is about 90% similar to our own) and lots of fun. Maybe you’ve heard that these days, large cat breeds are …

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12 Essential Tips For Traveling With Cats

Traveling With Cats

 Let’s face it – we’re all hit with the travel bug every now and again. We want to get away, soak up the sun, chill out in the sand, explore new places, try new food. You just want to get away from it all. Or maybe there’s a new opportunity for you to pack up and move. Maybe you’re just looking for a fresh start. But before you hop on that plane or in that car …

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