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Tabby Cat Welcomes A Bengal Kitten Into The Household

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As cat lovers, each of us can remember the day we brought our fur-baby home for the first time. We would watch them as they try to understand what’s going on and what role you will be playing in their life. The star of this video is a baby Bengal by the name of Dee-Jay and he is just the sweetest little trouble maker. You can see where curiosity overcomes uncertainty and Dee-Jay stops hesitating and comes out of his cage to explore his new surroundings. His big beautiful eyes scan his new environment as he is reassured with some pets, cuddles and love by his new owner.

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Every cut-scene claws right into your heart as this little ball of fur and cuteness comes out of his shell and becomes more and more comfortable in his new home. Just when you thought that Dee-Jay’s adventure couldn’t get any cuter our stunning little star is met by an older and bigger silver tabby cat. The two kitty cats are hesitant of each other at first but not for long. The standoff ends, and the two start to get closer and closer testing each other’s boundaries until they get comfortable enough to start playing and causing trouble together.

It’s so lovely to see two new cats together, to watch the reactions as they meet for the first time. This video is extremely well done and heart-warming. My hat goes off to the camera men and editing crew who did an outstanding job in presenting the two Cats in all their beauty and glory, showing off all the purrfect features we love about this breed. The cinematography and quality of the video allows us to see in detail the true beauty of the two kitty’s characteristics and how the friendship and love will grow between the two new siblings.

Enjoy this video!


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About Laurent Jaccard

Laurent Jaccard
As a Bengal Cat owner of ten years, Laurent writes about his favorite cat breed to share his passion with other owners and enthusiasts. Laurent is a Webmaster and Designer by profession, photographer and animal lover by heart.

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