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Asian Leopard Cat

Farmers in China Domesticated Leopard Cats 5,500 Years Ago

Farmers in China Domesticated Leopard Cats 5,500 Years Ago

 It wasn’t long ago researchers believed cat domestication occurred in South West Asia. The birth of agriculture some 10,000 years ago led to an overpopulation of rodents. This rodent problem was an invitation to the wild cats of the area to come closer to humans. Felis silvestris lybica was the wild cat native to the area and is the cat that all current domestic cats (Felis catus) are descended from. While these cats weren’t domesticated …

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10 Photos Of Rajah The Majestic F1 Bengal Growing Up

Rajah F1 Bengal

 I knew I wanted a Bengal cat the minute I laid eyes on them while searching the internet for my next kitty. I found Rajah 750 miles away and took a road trip to get him right away. He is turning one year old this week! He is a F1 Bengal and at times he is all Asian Leopard Cat and most times he is the most loving cat I have ever had. He loves …

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Conan O’Brien With An Asian Leopard Cat Kitten

Conan O'Brien with Asian Leopard Kitten

 In June 2014, an episode aired in which animal expert and NWF spokesperson David Mizejewski brings Conan O’Brien an adorable eight-week-old Asian Leopard Cat (ALC) kitten. “What a cute roar!” Conan says. O’Brien appears immediately smitten with the kitten, but Mizejewski points out he can’t adopt her: “She is still a wild animal, so you don’t want to have one of these for a pet”. “Trust me, this species won’t use a litter box in …

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