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Bengal Demands With Paw To Be Petted Under The Chin

Bengal Cat Demands with Paw to be Petted Under the Chin

 Communication is key! Cats have a way to let their owners know what they want. A meow, head gesture or with a signal from their paws! Every cat is unique in the way that they express themselves. Cat parents have a way of communicating with their cat child and after years of getting to know one another, we figured out how to connect and understand our pet. This video of a sweet 8 year old …

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Kitten Using The Ultimate Scratching Post

Ultimate Scratching Post

My F4 bengal kitten Burma using the ultimate scratching post. This scratching post (Winner of the Cat Fancy Editor’s Choice Award) is just perfect because the 32″ post height allows him to get a full stretch and tone his muscles. This post is made of fibrous and durable woven sisal which is better than carpeted posts. The ultimate scratching post is available on Amazon.

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