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Regular Vet or Emergency Vet?

When Your Cat Suddenly Becomes Ill… As pet parents, one of our greatest fears is having one of our purr babies suddenly become sick. When illness does strike, often times we may wonder just how urgent the situation is and who is best equipped to properly care for your cat. I faced an emergency vet situation very recently. My 11 week old bengal kitten, Freyja, was the absolute picture of health when she came home …

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Foods Toxic To Cats: 9 Human Food Cats Can’t Eat

Foods Toxic To Cats

 Not long ago, I wrote about the importance of a proper diet for your cat. I discussed what foods and products WERE good for your cat, but didn’t really mention dangerous foods toxic to cats. I figured a topic this important is better late than never written! When your favorite feline is giving you those sad little kitten eyes while standing next to the dinner table, you might be tempted to slip your furry friend …

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Choosing The Healthiest Diet For Your Cat

Choosing The Healthiest Diet For Your Cat

As animal lovers and pet owners, we are all aware that proper nutrition is vital to the health and overall wellness of any pet. However, exactly what constitutes as ‘proper nutrition’? How does one determine which brand or style of pet food is the right option for their cat? With SO many brands on the market, it can seem a daunting task to choose the right foods for your cat. Here are some tips when …

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Getting to Know Pretty Litter™, The Health-Monitoring Cat Litter

Pretty Litter

Getting to know Pretty Litter, a potentially revolutionary new kitty litter may be a life-saver for some cats and a money saver on emergency vet bills for cat owners. Pretty Litter helps cat owners detect certain urinary abnormalities early by changing colors when the litter comes in contact with potential feline health issues. Pretty Litter’s technology incorporates health indicators into the litter that detects abnormal pH levels in acid and alkaline similar to a pH dip …

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How to Feed Your Bengal Cat A Healthy Diet

How To Feed Your Bengal Cat

If you have a Bengal cat (or any cat for that matter), then I’m sure it is important to you to keep your kitty as happy as can be. It is likely that you want your Bengal to have a long life, minimal visits to the vet, minimal health issues, minimal behavioral issues, and to be a thriving being in your home. One of the things you can do to keep your Bengal happy and …

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