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Bengal Cat’s Strength And Agility In Action

Bengal Cat's Strength And Agility In Action

Koru is an adorable one year old marbled Bengal kitten that loves nothing more than play time! In this video we get to see her running all over her house, playing with toys, and even being groomed by her brother Ukee. At the start of the video we join Koru as she tosses her toy into the air and then acrobatically flips and runs off after it. The mood is set as we listen to …

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20 Bengal Cat Games To Keep Their Lives Enriched

20 Bengal Cat Games and Ideas

 This is probably one of the best videos I’ve seen on Bengal cats lately and it shows all the neat things you can do with your kitties when you create a house full of fun. Kami White definitely transformed his house into a huge cat playground with shelves, sisal poles, perches and beams to let the cats play and climb everywhere. This house is the perfect set up for two energetic Bengals. This kitty dream …

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