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Silver Bengal Kitten vs Star Wars BB-8 Droid

Silver Bengal Kitten Khaleesi vs BB-8

In this entertaining video we get to see a gorgeous silver Bengal kitten named Khaleesi take on an adorable little robot droid, BB-8. At the opening of the video it is clear that Khaleesi isn’t quite sure what to make of her new robotic friend. She starts by watching and slowly stalking the droid, quickly dancing away when it gets too close. Curiosity takes over before the minute mark and sweet Khaleesi begins hunting her …

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Jackson Galaxy Air Prey Wand Mojo Maker By Petmate

Jackson Galaxy Air Prey Wand Mojo Maker By Petmate

If you are already familiar with Da Bird cat toy, Jackson Galaxy’s Air Prey Wand (aka Mojo Maker) can be considered as an upgraded version of this cat toy. Designed for ease of storage as well as cat enjoyment and stimulation this toy offers everything you want for your cat and then some. While Da Bird was easy to store with its two-part detachable rod the Mojo Maker has a retractable handle. Similar to a …

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Flash and Pixel Train On Their Cat Exercise Wheel

Bengal Cats Train on their Cat Exercise Wheel

 Flash and Pixel train on their Toy-Go-Round cat exercise wheel made by the Cat Wheel Company. Bengal cats have a bit more energy than the common house cat, the reason behind it is because biologically, they lean more along the line of hunter rather than cuddlier thanks to the genetics from their wild ancestors. Every house cat (Bengal or otherwise) must find a way to dish out all that unused hunting power. So what better …

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Lion Mane Hat Transforms Bengals Into Kings Of The Jungle

Lion Mane Hat Transforms Bengals Into Kings of the Jungle

Animal accessories have been growing in popularity these past few years, especially the very adorable costumes that we can get our hands on during Halloween or any other major North American holiday. We dress our cats up with little witches hats or bow ties for our own amusement. Sometimes we see resistance from our fur babies and their refusal to participate, but what if we found a game changer? I’d like to introduce you to …

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Bengal Kitten Plays Fetch Like A Puppy

Bengal kitten plays fetch like a puppy

 Kittens are natural playful creatures especially Bengal kittens. Benji, the baby Bengal is seen chasing after his tiny plastic ball over and over again, he just can’t get enough. This dog-like behaviour is not uncommon for Bengals; it’s one of their funniest features. The 38 second video does not give us enough time to deal with the cuteness overload that is Benji, the happy and puurrfect kitten! His extraordinary coat and colors are so vibrant …

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Da Bird Cat Toy Gives Them Wings

Bengal Cat Da Bird Cat Toy

The Da Bird cat toy is a fun and interactive realistic feather toy made in America. Da Bird has some neat features that many similar cat toys are lacking. My bengal goes wild over the flight-like motion and the sound of bird’s wings flapping in the air. The realistic feathers make it look like a prey to them and if you let him get ahold of it, he might end up tearing it to pieces. …

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Video Of Burma Playing With Feathers

Bengal cat playing with feathers

Video of Burma playing with a cat toy made of feathers. My cat is crazy about this toy and it’s a great way to exercise your bengal. When I tried this cat toy for the first time with Burma, he looked like a real hunter. Once in his mouth, he wouldn’t let it go and he was growling like a tiger when I tried to take it from his mouth. My poor little kitten was …

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